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Motorola Digital Radio Launch – Gladstone | CCTV surveillance for Gladstone CBD | Thiess Sedgman J/V awards EZI Communications CCTV tenders | EZI Communications goes Fibre Optic | Employment opportunities

Motorola Digital Radio Launch – Gladstone

EZI Communications launches the new era digital two way radio - MOTOTRBO. Improved performance, enhanced features and value, the next generation professional two-way radio was launched in Gladstone with Motorola Australia during September to a range of industry and organisations seeking new technology. MOTOTRBO digital technology delivers double the capacity, improved audio clarity, 40% longer battery life and integrated data applications. MOTOTRBO offers a complete package of portable, mobiles and accessories for businesses seeking secure, easy and cost effective communications.

CCTV surveillance for Gladstone CBD

EZI Communications awarded the project to design, supply and install a network of CCTV surveillance cameras in the Gladstone CBD. Using Motorola Hot Zone Duo to network IP capable CCTV cameras by wireless, combined with our technical experience and product support made the difference. Providing a secure, cost effective, quality system with the capability to expand the coverage area without any major infrastructure costs has proven a real winner.

Thiess Sedgman J/V awards EZI Communications CCTV tenders

Thiess Sedgman has awarded EZI Communications the tenders for CCTV equipment at several coal handling preparation plants in Queensland coal mines. Quality product, dedicated staff and great ongoing service have allowed large quantities of CCTV cameras to be installed and networked at the Dawson Project, Lake Lindsay and Lake Vermont coal mines. We have delivered on time and within budget to allow successful completion of these projects.

EZI Communications goes Fibre Optic

EZI Communications expands its capability and business opportunities. Recognising the future, we are now fully qualified and capable of providing fibre optic solutions to customers Australia wide. Telstra qualified technicians allow us to provide end to end solutions with full test reports using the latest fibre optic and test equipment.

Employment opportunities

EZI Communications is constantly seeking qualified technicians, trainees and apprentices. If you are qualified in radio, security, telephone, IT, Telstra Telecommunications linesman or would like the opportunity in any of these fields then please forward your resume or call the numbers on our website.


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